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How to Check if Your Android Apps are Stealing Your Personal Information?

August 3rd, 2010 7 comments


When you download apps from the android market, you may ask yourself whether or not some may collect personal data without your consent. Fortunately for Apple iPhone users, all apps on their market get handpicked and certified before hitting the App Store. Google is not as lenient with developers in this department, because of the “openness” of the platform. There were several occasions when a program was collecting user’s location and call information and sending it to a server in China. In order to avoid that, next time you download an app at the Android market, right after you hit “Install”, check the screen that shows which resources are going to be used by the application. If, for example, a Wallpaper app is designed to get access to your calls, messages or other resources, refrain from installing it. In order to check currently installed applications for possible malicious activities, go to Settings > Applications > Manage Applications and take a look at all of the permissions the app has. Again, if anything suspicious is spotted uninstall it immediately.
Hopefully this helps to shed some light at Android appĀ  permissions management. Leave your comments and thoughts after the break.

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