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Evernote For Windows Phone 7.5

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Evernote For Windows Phone 7.5


Have you ever been in a situation, when you took several notes on your cellular phone, and after a while, when came time to reset your phone for various reasons sudden amnesia along with a lost phone, took your precious information away? If you are that person, then fear no more. Gone are the days when information is stored exclusively on the device. If one has been lying under a big rock, for the past couple of years, then I am here to assure, that the entire world of consumer electronics, is making big steps towards moving precious user content to the cloud! If you can name certain ones, who haven’t made the switch yet, be sure that they too will evaporate into the cloud, very promptly, just like H2O at it’s boiling temperature. Let’s talk about the app.

In Layman’s terms, Evernote is a note taking app, which allows you to take notes in form of a text, pictures or voice. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg, the real magic starts when those notes are pushed to the cloud, or simply saved online for future access, editing and sharing. This is why I recommend Evernote, and use it on daily bases. Being a geek that I am, and also a student, I find Evernote to be particularly useful due to it’s cloud capabilities. Text editing is very nice, too, but the biggest advantage is in the fact that, once the notes are taken and saved, they can be accessed from anywhere, not only the phone. Nice folks at Evernote, have though of, literally, any platform, in this case. After signing up for a free account, one can access the notes from their Windows, Android phones, Android Tablets, as well as their iDevices (aka iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad). The list doesn’t stop there; there is also a Windows and an OSX version of the app. And finally, if you just don’t like apps on your computer, you can access your stuff, navigating to through your browser. In terms of sharing options, it is logical to assume, that Evernote users can share their notes with others. It is indeed the case. Evernote allows it’s users to collaborate and edit notes as they are created. This feature is only available to premium users, which must pay a premium, that comes with several other neat features. to name a few, there is OCR, there is also indexing of PDF with ability to search for text in those documents. Head on over to for more information about their premium services. When sharing a note, you can set the permission parameters that way that the person, who will see the note, could also make modifications to it (premium version). That is indeed a very compelling reason to find an alternative to Google Docs, which is first and foremost non existent on the Windows phone platform, for a very versatile and simple app.

People of various professions, material level and status will find this service very useful. As soon as the note is taken, it is synchronized to the cloud either via your data plan or Wi-Fi, making it instantly available for a download or editing on any of the aforementioned platforms.

Now, that we have taken a look at various advantages of Evernote, let’s turn out attention to the interface and the usability.

1) Live tiles. First thing that was unique about the Evernote on Nokia Lumia is the presence of live tiles. It is possible to pin a live tile of a note to your main screen, as if you were to pin a note to a board.

2) Audio, Photo, Text Note Creation. Evernote will allow the user crate notes in nearly all possible media formats. The site service will also allow for automatic text recognition, where a picture file can be converted into text.

3) Notebook Organization. All of the notebooks are organized and synchronized to the server on the same layout. Notes to self can be made of the phone and edited further on a computer or vice-versa.

4) Geotagging. Notes can be geo tagged as they are taken, to save to location information as well.

With rapid proliferation of mobile devices, which were at some point called PDAs for a reason, our productivity possibilities are increasing exponentially. Several years ago, a person could’ve only dreamed about a freely available unified multiplatform application, which would allow it’s members to remember everything in any way imaginable. Now, with Evernote, it’s possible. We no longer have to worry about backups, because they are done at instant. Users no longer have to think about a possibility of losing their precious information with a phone loss, or being away from a computer. Cloud storage based solutions will dominate the world in the near future, and any progressive individual must be able to find means for online content creation through collaboration. That just makes things faster and simpler. All of that is possible with Evernote and that’s the reason I like this service and would highly recommend it.


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Evernote for Windows Phone 7