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T-Mobile 3G iPhone Speed Test

November 7th, 2012 No comments

As it was noted on various blogs from official T-Mobile announcements, an upcoming spectrum revamp will help subscribers take full advantage of 3G internet on their non T-Mobile branded unlocked devices. Today was a very special day for me, because I have noticed that a 3G sign popped up on my test iPhone unit, that I use to debug and test my new apps. “Hooray”, I’ve said to myself, and immediately pulled up my useful needy-greedy Speedtest app, which showed me an astonishing result of over 6Mb/s. If you are as happy as I am, and cannot wait to see it in action, please check the link to the video, below. And be sure to leave comments with
what you’ve experienced thus far, dear readers. I am curious to know how my result stacks up against your results.

Link: Tmobile 3G on an iPhone 4S


Iphone 4s speed test

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3.23 Mb/s Download Speed Achieved on T-Mobile in Los Angeles

May 19th, 2010 No comments

Nokia_Speed_Test_ResultsAs sensational as it may sound, but a 3.23 Mb/s download rate has been recorded on T-Mobile’s newly upgraded HSPA network in Los Angeles! Today, during a routine network test, on my Nokia N900, I have noticed an apparent speed bump. Conducting a test, using site services, it was reveled that download and upload speeds on the above mentioned operator’s network, have considerably grown. The result of the speed test was shocking. Up to this point, nothing, except for Sprint’s 4G network test results, sounded as shocking and pleasing as this. 3.23 MB/s was the reading on the screen after several runs. I will refrain from further speculations about the planned upgrade. However, it was recently said that T-Mobile will gradually upgrade it’s HSPA coverage to be able to stay on the competitive edge. And now, s bit later, we come to a conclusion that “big magenta” lives up to its promises. It seems like the upgrade begins to cover select areas of Los Angeles Merto region. Based on this example, I have experienced a speed bump of about 2.0 Mb/s, which represents an about 200% bump from before. Please note that the same test has been conducted on myTouch 3G and HTC HD2, using service, and the results were 1.1 Mb/s and 1.27 Mb/s respectively. Perhaps, at the present moment, Nokia N900 is the only device, compatible with high speed HSPA (see the 3.5G icon in the status bar). For that, I’ve consulted the specs sheet for Nokia N900 on, which indicated a 10.0 Mb/s maximum down-link capability. Make your own conclusions and share your personal thoughts and experiences below. The video of the test is provided below. Enjoy!