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T-Mobile 3G iPhone Speed Test

November 7th, 2012 No comments

As it was noted on various blogs from official T-Mobile announcements, an upcoming spectrum revamp will help subscribers take full advantage of 3G internet on their non T-Mobile branded unlocked devices. Today was a very special day for me, because I have noticed that a 3G sign popped up on my test iPhone unit, that I use to debug and test my new apps. “Hooray”, I’ve said to myself, and immediately pulled up my useful needy-greedy Speedtest app, which showed me an astonishing result of over 6Mb/s. If you are as happy as I am, and cannot wait to see it in action, please check the link to the video, below. And be sure to leave comments with
what you’ve experienced thus far, dear readers. I am curious to know how my result stacks up against your results.

Link: Tmobile 3G on an iPhone 4S


Iphone 4s speed test

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