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Customize Windows 10 Power Profile to Boost Performance

Arsen Karapetyan

This trick will make any computer faster. Please ensure that you have adequate cooling.

How to change your PC power plan to "Performance"

  1. Tap the Windows icon and then the gear icon
  2. Go to "Settings"
  3. In settings, click on "Power and Sleep"
  4. On the right upper corner, there is an option that says "Additional Power Settings".
  5. Click on "Additional Power Settings"
  6. Most PCs have two power options "Balanced and Power Saver. But Windows 10 normally hides the remaining options
  7. Click on "Show Additional Plans" and you will see a "High Performance" option. This option favors performance, but may use energy
  8. If your computer is always connected to the power, go ahead and choose this option
  9. Now, let's superpower your computer.
  10. Click on "Change Plan Settings" and then click on "Change Advanced Power Settings"
  11. Navigate to "Hard Disk" and change the setting to "0"
  12. Finally, navigate to "Processor power management" and set the "Minimum processor state" to 0%.
  13. Lastly, tap on "Maximum processor state" and just make sure that it's set to 100%

Ensure that you enable this power option only if you have good cooling and only while you are performing a high-demanding task. Switch off this profile when done with your activity.