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How to Set up 2 Factor Authentication on your Google Account

2 factor authentication (or 2FA) is a way to secure your online accounts by requiring two different factors, such as a username and password, in addition to one-time passwords. The one-time passwords are typically sent via text message or generated by an app. This makes it impossible for hackers to access your account without knowing both the username and password. To learn everything about it, read the definitive guide to 2 factor authentication.

The next time you login, the match between your username and password will be verified with the one-time passwords that were sent just for that session.

What does 2 factor authentication do?

2FA is like an extra layer of protection for your online accounts. In the example above, a hacker trying to access your bank account would need to know not only your username and password, but also have access to the physical phone or security key connected to it. Of course, this depends on the strength of each individual system you are using.

How can I use 2 factor authentication?

Many websites provide users with the option to enable 2FA on their accounts. There are a few different options, with the most popular being adding a security key and enabling 2FA on a smartphone.

What is 2 factor authentication for Google?

Google already offers the option to add a security key as a 2FA method on your account. Google accounts for consumers and businesses, including Gmail, G Suite, Maps, Play and YouTube are all supported. You can use texting on your phone or Google Watch in order to generate a one-time password.

What is 2 factor authentication for Facebook?

In the past, users were able to set up two-step verification on their Facebook accounts. However, this option is no longer available to new users.
Instead, you can verify your account by generating or sending a recovery key through text message or accessing Facebook by phone.

How to set up 2 Factor Authentication for Google

  1. Head on over to on your phone or computer

  2. Click on 2 Step Verification

  3. Sign in to your Google Account

  4. Tap on Get Started

  5. Tap on Continue

  6. Choose Text message or Phone call and enter your mobile phone number

  7. Press Send

  8. After receiving the Google Authentication code via text message, enter it in the box and press Next

  9. Press Turn on

  10. Congratulations, your 2-factor authentication for Google has been set up