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How To Overclock Your Mouse and Change the Mouse Polling Rate

Arsen Karapetyan

If you have a gaming mouse and would like to get an edge in video games, among many tricks described on our web site, you could try to overclock your mouse or change the polling rate. This could be very useful in eliminating mouse stutter and might improve the overall responsiveness. Especially in competitive shooters, the reaction time can make a difference between you winning or losing a firefight.

By the way, if you are a gamer, read my how to choose the right mouse size guide after you are done with this article.

This is especially relevant for those of you who have a high refresh rate gaming monitor that runs at 144-240Hz or above. But if you don't, you can experience a difference even on a 60Hz monitor.

Polling Rate Explained

The polling rate is the rate at which the mouse reports its position to the processor every second. If you have a mouse that operates at 125Hz, this means that your mouse reports your cursor position to the game or the app 125 times per second. Now, you could imagine that a mouse with 500 vs 1000 poling rate will be less sensitive to small position changes.

Is Higher Polling Rate Better?

A mouse with a high polling rate will decrease the lag between your movements in the game or an application. However, a high polling rate also comes at an expense of CPU resources. On older machines, setting a high polling rate could decrease your FPS. The poll rate on newer synchronous CPUs has no effect on performance.

If your mouse is built with a high poll rate in mind, it will allow you to change this setting. However, you should consult your mouse specs before changing the polling rate, as this may damage your mouse.

Often times there is no perceivable difference between a 500Hz polling rate and 1000Hz. However at lower rates, like 125, you might experience what is called a "mouse microstutter".

Slower Response Rate at Higher Polling Rates

The image below explains how the polling rate affects the delay in movements, and might make you think that a higher polling rate is better.

When you move the mouse if a video game, at higher polling rate, this could cause the mouse movement and the character movement on the screen to get out of sync.

For example, in Rainbow Six Siege, the ideal mouse polling rate is 125Hz, as anything above that will desync the mouse movement and the character movement.

How to Check the Mouse Polling Rate?

in order to identify what is your mouse report rate, you could download a utility or just to to this web site to find mouse test software or visit this mouse rate checker web site.

All you have to do is to move your mouse around, and it will detect your poll rate.

How to Change a Mouse Polling Rate in Windows?

Before you proceed with this, please consider the following precautions:

  • Your mouse could get permanently damaged if you set the polling rate too high
  • This could benefit your computer performance up to 8% on older machines
  • This could cause your Windows driver to break. Though it is fixable, but you need technical knowledge to go back and fix it.

How to Change Branded Gaming Mice Polling Rate?

If you have a Razer, Zowie, Logitech and other big name brand gaming mouse, they all probably come with a companion app. Overclocking your mouse poll rate will be easy via the supplied software.

For this, please check your manufacturer's web site and download the latest version of the moue utility software.

How to Change Branded or Unbranded Gaming Mouse Polling Rate?

Now, if your mouse software does not allow you to change the mouse rate, then follow these steps and consider the potential risks and benefits described above.

To install the package, follow the steps below.

  1. Download the files from this Github page to a zip file. That GIthub page is gone. Please see this page for more detail. I will update the article as soon as I find that or a similar package. Please stay tuned. It contains everything you need to get this working from scratch.
  2. Run the "atsiv_installer.bat" script. This will move the necessary files to a convinent spot on the drive for the rest of the files in this package.
    • a. DO NOT move these files elsewhere unless you feel like screwing with Windows Task Scheduler...(you don't)
    • b. Run Pathcer (from 1809).bat if you had this program previously on Windows 10 1809.
  3. Next, install "SweetLow.CER". This allows the modified drivers to work without having to disable driver protection in Windows. (Very nice)
  4. Open the "Setup" folder and launch "Setup.exe".
    • a. Tick the boxes labeled "Mice Only" and "Filter On Device" ONLY.
    • b. Click the device you want to apply the patch to ("HID-Compliand device" in my case).
    • c. Choose the polling rate you want to use.
    • d. Click "Restart" (this won't restart your computer) then click "Close".
  5. Restart your computer.
  6. Come back to this directory and launch mouserate.exe and move your mouse to see how high your polling rate is.

  • If all goes well, you should be seeing a higher polling rate that you set in step 4c.
  • NOT all mice have the same effect. It is hit or miss typically. Check out the forums on if you want more info.

To UNINSTALL the package, run my Uninstaller file. (This only works with this package, as it knows the file locations.)

What is a Good Gaming Mouse?

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