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How to check if your Android phone is listening or watching you
How to check if your Android phone is listening or watching you

How to See if an Android App is Listening or Watching You

In this article I will discuss a technique, which will allow you to understand if an Android app is listening or watching you. We have already discussed how to stop Android apps from spying on you.

Android 12 implemented a feature, which allows you to visually see when any of your apps uses your microphone or the camera. This shows up as a green dot at the right upper corner of your screen.

There are hundreds of different Android customizations and it is possible that your phone might or might not be displaying this green icon. If you are running Android 12, It is possible that you need to enable this visual notification in your settings. If so, please check your manufacturer's instructions. Otherwise, check to see if you have a new Android 12 system update available.

How to check for an Android system update

In order to insure that your phone has this feature, simply open your camera app and see if the green dot shows up. If it doesn't, check your android version and ensure that you are running Android 12. I will show you how to do this below.

  1. Go to your Android Settings

  2. Scroll down and find either the Software Update or About phone. You will be able to check for a new update inside either one of these.

How to check if you are running Android 12

  1. Go to Settings

  2. Scroll down and tap on About phone

  3. Tap on Software information

  4. Check your Android version under Android version and ensure that the number is 12 or above.

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