Coming This week on HardwareSavvy (Week 22, 2022)

Hello, Arsen here. Just wanted to keep you up-to-date about what’s coming this week:

  • I will be releasing 50 new full-length Android Academy training videos starting tomorrow (Tuesday) and through Sunday for our paid members.

  • I will begin experimenting with 3 videos per day on Facebook starting tomorrow. Really curious to hear what you think (please comment)

  • Will be increasing the number of FREE posts from 1x per week to 3x per week for free subscribers

  • On Wednesday, I will purchase a few pieces of electronics for review and will post very short reviews on Thursday, Friday and Saturday

  • Really curious to know, should I change the time for the first email of the day from 5 AM PST to 2PM PST? I don’t see activity analytics and really curious to hear from you. What is the best time to push the email to you?

  • We are 11% of the way to reaching full financial sustainability for the newsletter

And finally, there is still time to grab the 20% discount on a premium membership. WIth 50 new Android video trainings dropping this week, there has never been a better time to join. Tap below to get it 👇

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