How I Made Space for 200 Photos with Just 4 Taps

You can do it, too in 15 seconds


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How does this work?

When you read a new edition of a book you’ve read, do you memorize everything all over or just the parts that have changed?

Of course, if you had perfect memory, tou’d only memorize the parts that have been added. Remembering new information takes time and energy.

The same works for web sites you visit. Your phone stores every web site you visit for the first time. When you go back to the same site, it looks what’s changed and only pulls the changed information, rather than the whole page all over again.

It’s called the “Cache”, pronounced [cash]. That cache can get very large the more sites you visit.

Though it is erased regularly (in arbitrarily chosen time periods), why wait? I am proposing a way to do it manually. As you saw in the video, a web site I’ve only visited once, stored almost a gigabyte of data. Why keep that if I will not be going back there again. 1 gigabyte is enough to store about 200 photos!

Don’t worry, this will not erase any stored passwords and the web sites will not load slower. Just the next time you visit. The idea is to free up the dead space from the sites you will not be going back to again.

Let’s summarize, this video and article describes how to erase web site cache on Android to free up space on your phone.

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How to do this?

  1. Open Chrome

  2. Tap on the three dots at the top right corner

  3. Tap on Settings

  4. Tap on Site settings

  5. Tap on Data stored

  6. Tap the garbage bin (not the bottom button)