How to See Android Text Better for 40+ Year Olds

How to increase text size on Android for seniors


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What does it do?

This makes it much easier to see text on your Android

Why should I care?

The significant minority of seniors experiences a slight decline in the visual acuity. In the absence of damage or disease, this is part of the natural aging process. We use our phones every day and there is no need to carry your glasses with you just to use your phone. Why can’t we just make the text larger, so we can see it better?


How to do this?

  1. Open Settings

  2. Go to Display

  3. Scroll down and tap on Font and style

  4. Move the Font size slider to the right to increase the font size

  5. (Optionally) Switch the Bold font toggle on (blue position) to make the font larger

These will help you increase the font size across all apps and you will now be able to see much better without any eye strain or the necessity to wear glasses.

Savvies, I love every single member of our community and care about your well-being. Please remember that this is not a health advice. I also encourage you to suggest topics for future videos in the comments.

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