[Introduction] How The Android Academy Works

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May 10, 2022

Hello Savvy! You have requested it and I finally had the time to put it together!

I have launched an addition to the HardwareSavvy Newsletter called “The Android Academy” (you are already part of it). It’s NOT a new newsletter, but rather AD ADDITION. A new section inside the HardwareSavvy newsletter purely dedicated to Android.

The Android Academy

What is The Android Academy?

The Android Academy will be a collection of Android trainings aimed at helping you save time and money, preserve your security and privacy, navigate the web safely, learn how to set up your phone correctly and much more.

When will the videos start to roll out?

It is empty right now, but in a few hours today the first 5 training modules will go up (you will be notified as soon as they do).

Are beginners welcome?

Whether you are a complete beginner or an advanced user - it doens’t matter! The tutorials are designed for all levels of proficiency. They are going to hold your hand and guide you through the theory and the practical aspect of every topic discussed.

What if I still have questions?

We all come from different backgrounds and skill levels and I don’t expect everyone to be 100% clear on all topics. If you still have questions, you can leave your questions under each training and get answers from me and the community. I highly encourage that! You can also request topics for future modules in the comments as well!

How many modules will there be?

I plan to release AT LEAST 100 modules by the end of 2022 with an initial release of 30 modules within the first week from today. The rest of the 70 modules will be released as bi-weekly releases. The total number of modules isn’t set in stone and could be higher than 100 before the end of the year.

How do I join?

If you are already a paid subscriber of the HardwareSavvy newsletter, you already have full access. Thank you for being an early adapter. This is my big thank you for making this possible. You don’t need to do anything. You will get an email notification every time a new module will be released!

If you’re not a paid subscriber yet, you can become one at 15% OFF right now by tapping below 👇

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Why is it paid?

The HardwareSavvy newsletter and the Android Academy are 100% community supported. The community support allows me to put together high-quality materials for you that are not click-bait, BS-free, AD-free and bias-free.

It’s about personal touch

I could have created half-baked videos on YouTube and directed you there. But, howe many times have you asked a question on YouTube and have gotten an answer from the creator? How many times have you spent hours searching for a solution to your issue?

It’s about structure

On YouTube, millions of people would have probably watched my videos, but the courses would have had no structure, organization, would have been littered with ADs and would have missed the community support aspect.

It’s about the community

Creating content for a small group of paid members gives me a chance to read every comment, reply to your inquiries and for you to receive support from me and other highly-engaged Android users.

It takes time to do quality work

Putting together training modules takes me hours, which is why it will be accessible to our paid subscribers only. It will also not be fair for those who have joined early in anticipation of these modules.

Will you keep this up long-term?

Yes! I am ex. T-Mobile retail store manager of 8 years. Mobile device sales and education as well as mobile service sales is something I am very familiar with. With a community of almost 6 million Savvies across the internet, I can see enough demand in what I do to become profitable this year. This will allow me to hire help, create high-quality content and even more! I have so many amazing ideas for you!

Supporters make it possible

We are a community-supported learning portal and you make it possible for me to do what I do! I am not even close to be at the point of profitability, but after receiving over 2,600 interest requests from our Savvy community (after the initial announcement), I am taking a leap of faith and betting on reaching that point with more users.

What do I get with my subscription exactly?

If you’re not a subscriber yet, by subscribing, you get:

  • access to my tri-weekly newsletters

  • full access to all current and future training modules

  • access to comment to ask questions and to suggest topics for upcoming trainings

  • get support from the community - ask questions and get help from our community

  • get support from me - I personally read and respond to comments

  • ability to easily search any topic you’d like in the archive

If I sub to the HardwareSavvy, do I get access to The Android Academy?

Yes! You will get an all-inclusive access to the HardwareSavvy Newsletter, The Android Academy and all future additions to at no additional cost. Psst… there might be an iPhone Academy planned for the future, too, but I don’t have a date for it right now.

Will the price increase in the future?

It might, but you will lock in your price by signing up now. Your price will never increase.

I can’t guarantee that the price will not increase. Fundamentally, I am against raising the pricing. The economics of scale and an addition of additional training courses for more platforms (PC/Mac/iPhone) will dictate how things go in the future.

The one thing I promise is that all current active subscribers will ALWAYS retain their current price even if the future price goes up.

Got more questions?

Please ask any burning questions in the comments below.

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