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Hello. Can you please address this?

I received a notification that a friend posted on Snap chat. I go to snap chat and look at his post. I comment on his post that I Liked his " bar equipment stand. I might have to get one for my bar." I have never seen one like it before. I the close the app and then go on to Facebook about a minute later and I see an Ad for that EXACT item that is a whole set and not just a stand. Never seeing one before I didn't know that. I took a screen shot because it disturbed me so much. I was on an app that is not owned by FB and never spoke a word. Just typed. This means FB can see what I can see, see what I type and read what I typed. Am I correct on this assumption? If so how do I stop it? So with this knowledge, I think FB can see everything I type.. Bank info, passwords and the site I am on.. very disturbing that this is how it works now. I can send the screen shot if it can help, but I do not see how... Thank you for taking time to read this. I had no idea that they can monitor more than what I say...

Thank you,


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Yep I have a samsung phone and I'm trying to get this stuff off it

I have a big issue. I use Kaspersky. I went online to see if I needed a tool to help get this hacker out of my Brand New MSI laptop.

As I was looking for some tools, I happened to read a paper on their site

Kaspersky knowingly put into the document that it doesn't work properly with samsung phones and windows 10 and 11 could be open for hackers because of compatibility issues.

They never released this information to their users, especially the people who used the devices that their software can't protect and the issues allow hackers to get in.

No how do I get this stuff off my laptop?

I've wiped the entire laptop through the safe mode. When I brought the computer back up, all his users and software was still there.

He's got like 20 users, some called administrators, others creators, even ones that are listed as all packages and no access packages.

Ever time I try to add my user as administrator, he puts it under his users and I don't have admin rights anymore.

I found the folder where his packages are, but I'm afraid to delete it.

Can you help?

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I noticed a few ago that I am starting to get pop up every time I go to an app

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any idea how to get rid of a pop up I get on my Samsung s22 each time I unlock the screen. without pressing anything an Internet window pops open with the page lejoyme.com opening. I've tried unistalling the last couple of apps I downloaded via Google play but no joy it still pops up.

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Hello, my name is Gloria. I have a question.

I have 2 gmail accounts and verizon cloud. If i go to my contacts i can see the same phone number several times on a contact i also will see on my calendar a birthday notification several times for 1 person. I want to get everything out of the Verizon cloud. Contacts, photos, videos,documents etc. Everything. And i want all my photos and contacts in 1 gmail. I have a samsung galaxy note 20 ultra. I have already gone to contact, settings, manage contacts.... it doesnt do what i want. Can you please tell me what to do? Thank you. Gloria

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