The Android Academy

The Android Academy is a collection of Android only training modules aimed to save you time and money, protect your privacy, improve your productivity and to allow you to get the most from your Android phone. The Android Academy is a fully community-supported and driven sub-section of the HardwareSavvy newsletter. As a subscriber, you get full access to all training modules, encouraged to ask questions and suggest topics for future training videos via comments.

The Definitive Guide to 2 Factor AuthenticationWatch now (8 min) | 2 Factor Authentication for Google, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Netflix, Amazon and everything you need to know about it
Your Mobile Provider Doesn't Want You to Know ThisWatch now (52 sec) | As an ex T-mobile employee
[Battery] How to Boost Battery Life on Android - Display TechWatch now | With the right phone
[Battery] How to Boost Android Battery LifeWatch now (3 min) | Even more
Navigate Your Android DifferentlyWatch now (22 sec) | Very useful if you love gestures
How I Made Space for 200 Photos with Just 4 TapsWatch now (36 sec) | You can do it, too in 15 seconds
[Audio] How to Share Phone Audio with Headphones, Sound Bars, TVs and moreWatch now (2 min) | All available bluetooth output and sharing options
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