The Android Academy

The Android Academy is a collection of Android only training modules aimed to save you time and money, protect your privacy, improve your productivity and to allow you to get the most from your Android phone. The Android Academy is a fully community-supported and driven sub-section of the HardwareSavvy newsletter. As a subscriber, you get full access to all training modules, encouraged to ask questions and suggest topics for future training videos via comments.

[Security] Huge Android Security Vulnerability FoundWatch now (9 min) | All you need to know and how to possibly protect yourself
Don't Buy a New Phone Before Watching ThisWatch now (12 min) | Savvies, I hope you enjoy this episode. I encourage everyone who has a mobile phone to watch this training prior to proceeding with…
The Definitive Guide to 2 Factor AuthenticationWatch now (8 min) | 2 Factor Authentication for Google, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Netflix, Amazon and everything you need to know about it
How to Hide Your Location on AndroidWatch now (4 min) | Protect your physical location on Android by randomizing your MAC address
5 Ways You Can Protect Your Privacy on AndroidWatch now (3 min) | Every Android user could benefit from this knowledge
Fix the Annoying Android SpellcheckWatch now (4 min) | Works on all Android phones
How to Supercharge Your WiFiWatch now (9 min) | The Samsung Galaxy guide
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